M.A. thesis

Subject of the M.A. thesis was conservation of plaster sculptures: “Chamios” - Ludwik Puget and “Female nude” – Jacek Puget.


The sculptures required to do a complete conservation and renovation (technical and esthetic). Note: Since the surface of plaster casts is non-polychromy and lacks consolidation, their conservation is especially difficult. The methods of plaster conservation are still imperfect and require studying.

Initially some specialist tests were performed on plaster models (a test for cleaning plasters surface, a test for sticking plasters, a test for removing rust from structure plasters and a test involving the resection of steel construction with the use of a surface guard – a method employed in the transfer of paintings.

As the next step specialist conservation of the sculptures was carried out.

As a result of the works the sculptures regained their original look and any further damage was prevented.